Corona information: Because we generally do not require an intensive care bed due to our minimally invasive surgical techniques, we are not subject to any restrictions despite the Corona Pandemic and are happy to operate on you under 2G+ safety standards.


With more than 500 surgical jaw relocations per year and 30 years of experience in specializing in dissection surgery, we are your partner for oral and maxillofacial surgery.
You can call us at  06172 - 17 10 60
We are available to make appointments on WhatsApp, take but NO calls there. Please just write us a message!
0163 - 455 787 0

Benefits of our procedures?

  • Competent medical team from different disciplines
  • Perfectly experienced and coordinated practice team
  • Low Radiation 3D Cone Beam X-Ray
  • Minimally invasive surgical technique & procedures
  • Computer-aided 3D planning to optimize function and aesthetics
  • Preparation and use of photo analytics for optimal results
  • Extremely gentle anesthetic procedures and individually tailored
  • postoperative pain management
  • No removal of wisdom teeth or other healthy teeth
  • No intermaxillary fixation
  • No nasogastric tube, blood conserve and bladder catheter
  • No external scars
  • Hospital stay of a maximum of 4 days
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